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Connected Counties Newsletter 15

Thursday 15th March, 2018

Newsletter 15

Programme Update

The Connected Counties programme is continuing to make progress across the two counties with the programme now having made superfast broadband available to nearly 18,000 homes and businesses – an increase of more than 4,000 in the last three months.

Some of the work is taking longer than expected because of a variety of geographical and engineering challenges and so action has been taken by Openreach to step up its engineering operations. A number of additional engineers are now working on the programme and if all goes to plan, the roll-out will be completely on schedule later this year.

To see if you can upgrade your home or business to superfast, enter your landline or postcode in the checker on our website http://www.connectedcounties.org/#where-when 

If you'd like an update on the position at your address please drop us a line atinfo@connectedcounties.org

Buckinghamshire’s rollout continues

Buckinghamshire’s renewed rollout is picking up pace, with 1,300 homes in the county now able to access to improved broadband services in the last three months. 

You can check the current position of your address in the When and Where checkerhttp://www.connectedcounties.org/#where-when on our website, or email us for an update atinfo@connectedcounties.org .

Getting the most out of your existing broadband connection

Our programme is working hard to roll high speed broadband out across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and more and more residents can now get access to superfast speeds.

The question is: are you getting the most out of the broadband connection that currently comes into your home?

In many ways Wi-Fi is an amazing technology, which allows a huge amount of flexibility to connect devices throughout the home, however it is easily disrupted by environmental factors, such as home wiring, walls and other electrical devices in the home (such as Sky Boxes and Consoles).

As a result you may be able to boost current speeds by making a few simple changes or speaking to your Internet Service Provider.

Even if you cannot already receive Superfast broadband, reviewing the way your equipment is set up could still be hugely beneficial in getting the most out of your existing service, including moving your router or plugging some devices directly into your router.

We’d always recommend speaking to your current Internet Service Prouder before making any major changes, however we’ve provided a link below to a useful guide from Which? magazine, which includes a number of simple options for improving current speeds.


Webcams at tips in Hertfordshire mean you can watch more rubbish.

Waiting around when you have better things to do is rubbish. New live webcams have been installed at tips in Hertfordshire to help you beat the queue. 

Residents can now see a live feed from their local Household Waste Recycling Centre by checking the internet to see how busy it is before making a trip to the tip. 

Terry Hone, Executive Member for Community Safety and Waste in Hertfordshire, said: “Our recycling centres are visited almost 2.5 million times every year and we know that queues can sometimes be a problem. The cameras will help residents decide when or when not to visit the tip.” 

Visit www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/hwrc to see if your local site is busy before you leave the house.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Connected Counties Broadband Programme

We regularly get questions about the programme and the programme and are always keen to hear feedback and provide information.

We have a selection of some of the more commonly asked questions complied on the site, so it’s always worth checking here first.

Click below to see more information: http://www.connectedcounties.org/#faqs


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